Permanent connecting – welding

  • Certified manual welder: TIG or TIG/MAG.

  • Automated welding for cost-effective production of components in large quantities.

  • Semi-automatic process for the mass production of simple components, which is very cost-effective for assemblies up to max. 500 × 300 × 300 mm.

  • Complex assemblies with a maximum length of 1500 mm and a cross section of approx. 500 × 500 mm are welded in robot welding cells.

  • Spot-welding shop, resistance welding and capacitor-discharge-welding processes.

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To permanently connect materials at GMW, we use inert gas welding with filler material. To produce what can be quite complex three-dimensional joint geometries within tolerance, we use welding jigs which we have developed in-house. These are designed by our very experienced engineers and are made in our own jig and toolmaking shop.