• Highly automated bending machines process solid and tubular material up to a diameter of 3 to12 mm.

  • Simple bends to arc-in-arc bends (bend radius ratio of B = 1 x).

  • Using robot handling, both upset and bent parts can be automatically passed on to further processes such as pressing a contact surface.

  • Very tough material such as 1.4301 with a tensile strength of over 800 MPa can be processed.

  • Air bending process for parts which have previously been machined into shape.

Ssts 1407 7433 Umformen2

At GMW, both sheet and solid blanks are formed to produce simple swaged and bent parts. Our speciality is defined upset (thickened) areas both for thick-walled tubes as well as for solid material during the bending process.

Formed parts are usually further finished in additional production processes.